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Before You Are Licensed: 13 Actions To Jump Start Your Future Real Estate Career

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***Short Simple Guide*** Too many new real estate agents don’t make it to their first anniversary. Why? Because they run out of money before they have had time to build a successful business. Most real estate books give the same advice, "Put away three to six months of living expenses before starting your career." If you've got that kind of money, then you don't need this book. If however you aren't sitting on a pile of cash, you have no choice but to hit the ground running the minute you are licensed. This short and simple guide will teach you how. Right now, with Before You Are Licensed, you can begin: • Acquiring market knowledge • Nurturing a future client base • Researching brokerages • Creating marketing materials for future use The list goes on and on…. Don’t allow yourself to become another statistic. Take control of your future real estate career by laying the groundwork now. If you succeed quickly, you won’t have to quit. It’s that simple.