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Unstuck: How To Talk To Humans & Get Them To Respond To You (Gameplan)

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Are you stuck in your home-based business? Have you tried sharing, but it’s not leading anywhere? Is your life an endless chain of no’s? It’s time to get Unstuck. Three-time Amazon best-selling author and Young Living Diamond Sarah Harnisch covers:-15 different types of classes to give you fresh ideas to share-Leading sentences to start conversations with people you do not know-Coaching to craft your personal story-4 scripts, one for each of the four starter kits-Tried and true mojo methods to pull yourself out of a rut-Learn how to set up a business funnel-The art of listening-Leading sentences that start conversations-How to collect contact information from total strangers-How to tap into friends of friends-Closing in a way that leads to sales-How to find new people for your business-Training to get people to respond to you-How to lead with Essential Rewards in a compelling way that trains the lifestyle-the words to stamp out fearBuild momentum! Find your unique way of sharing! Get over the fear of talking to people you’ve never met with specific action steps! It’s time to grow!This is the year you get Unstuck.